Mosquito Control

Fighting mosquitoes every summer can get annoying. Store-bought insect repellants and citronella candles are only temporary solutions and using them throughout the year can get expensive.

Instead of constantly purchasing and using short-term repellants, contact Etheridge Pest Services and have your property treated for mosquitoes. Our solution prevents mosquitoes and other pests for weeks after treatment.

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Mosquito Prevention

After any mosquito treatment, our technician can answer any question you may have about preventing mosquitoes. We can help by scheduling quarterly maintenance to have your property treated throughout the year, guaranteeing a pest-free life.

Mosquitoes thrive in cool, damp, and dark parts of your property. They also seek any standing water like puddles, bird baths, or clogged gutters. These spots can be potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes and will make your time outdoors less enjoyable.

Learn more about mosquitoes and how to prevent them by checking out our Pest Library.

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Etheridge Pest Services aims to be your local pest control provider for all infestations and pest prevention services. Contact us today if you have a question about anything that could help you keep your property pest-free.

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