Termite Control Services

Termites cause over $5 billion in damage to properties every year. The NC Department of Agriculture estimates an average of 23 termite colonies per acre of land, with up to 200,000 termites within each colony.

You may not even see them until they are already causing damage to your property.

If you do not already have measures in place to prevent a termite infestation, then you should schedule a visit from Etheridge Pest Services.

Do you know the difference between an Ant and a Termite?

Ways We Control Termites

Termite Treatments

If you have identified potential signs of an active termite infestation, you need a treatment service as soon as possible. We can schedule a free estimate to check for termites on your property.

Bait Stations

Monitor termites on your property by luring them to bait stations. We have two different types that we check either quarterly or annually.

New Construction Treatment

If you plan to build a new home in North Carolina, a pre-construction termiticide treatment is required to protect your property from termites that live underground. When it comes to termites, prevention is better than anything else.

Termite Facts

Did you know?

  • In North Carolina, we have species of termites that live underground and swarm in the early spring. These swarms can continue until around late September.
  • Unlike ants which travel across the ground, termites travel underground. They even go as far as building mud tubes along walls to stay “underground” while invading your home.
  • Alaska is the only state with (almost) no termites – due to the climate there.
  • The average queen termite will lay a new egg every 15 seconds – up to 30,000 a day!
  • Termite tunnels that carve through wood can be huge, with some measuring up to 12 inches wide. These tunnels cause serious damage to your home!
  • Termites never sleep – meaning they have a lot of time to eat wood. A single colony can eat about up to 1,000 pounds of wood per year.
  • Termites are bad for the environment. They produce methane gas as they process wood, which contributes to air pollution.
  • Termites can enter a crack as wide as a penny. Cracks in your foundation are perfect openings for termites to start burrowing.

Any Questions?

Etheridge Pest Services aims to be your local pest control provider for all infestations and pest prevention services. Contact us today if you have a question about anything that could help you keep your property pest-free.

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