Termite Treatment

Treating your property for termites is absolutely essential. In North Carolina, we have termites that hide underground and swarm during the warmer seasons.

Preventing termite damage with a treatment from a licensed pest control provider is cheaper and easier than having to repair any damage these pests can cause.

Etheridge Pest Services not only treats active termite infestations, but  offers a quarterly or annual maintenance plan where we inspect for termites, monitor using bait stations, and keep you informed of anything we find.

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Termite Prevention

Preventing these wood-eating pests requires monitoring their activity and knowing what attracts them in the first place. Our team can help treat and prevent termites with regularly scheduled maintenance, as well as provide you with advice tailored to your home.

Our bait stations and soil-mixed treatment are guaranteed to keep termites at bay and reduce any infestations. To keep a warranty that comes with a termite treatment, you must have a licensed pest control professional conduct an annual inspection with treatments as needed.

Any Questions?

Etheridge Pest Services aims to be your local pest control provider for all infestations and pest prevention services. Contact us today if you have a question about anything that could help you keep your property pest-free.

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