Beetles are one of the most common insects on this planet. Their order The Coleoptera constitutes nearly 40% of all insects and 25% of all life on Earth. With over 400,000 different types of these critters, it’s impossible to not see a beetle every now and then. However, we understand you may not want to see them in your home.

If you encounter one or two beetles, it’s often nothing to sound an alarm over (unless you’re terrified of bugs). However, beetles can repopulate very quickly and the occasional beetle can easily turn into an infestation. Some beetles may feed on fabrics while others can bore through wood or invade your pantry. No matter what kind of beetle is in your home, Etheridge Pest Services can get them out.

Tips for Beetles Bugging You

Most beetles can be seen with the naked eye and removing them is nothing more than grabbing some tissue and throwing the beetle back outside.

During the colder weather, bugs like to move indoors in search of warmth and safe shelter. This alone can be enough to cause a swarm to infest your home.

Make sure any screened doors or windows have no tears in the mesh. Beetles are sneaky and can exploit small entrances like this.

Beetles, like many pests, need water to survive. Make sure you don’t have any leaking pipes or water left in sinks. Monitor pet water bowls or any other water intentionally left out.

Check dark locations in your living spaces for beetle hideouts. They can even get creative and hide behind appliances, behind furniture, in the back of closets, or in attics.

Reduce the beetle population on your property with sticky bug traps. Not the most attractive option, but anything that catches these pests can help reduce their count.

If you don’t own any pets and don’t mind the smell – beetles are naturally repelled to mint oil. Lavender oil works as well. Not a permanent solution, but these options can work until you are able to schedule a professional.

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