Fleas are tiny (up to 1/8th in.) flightless insects that survive as parasites by feeding off the blood of pets, birds, and other small mammals. Their body is flattened vertically so they can move between feathers and fur easily. While they may not have wings, they have sharp claws able to firmly grip onto their host, a mouth made to pierce skin and suck blood, and hind legs that have adapted to help them jump.

Though fleas typically pick a smaller animal as a host, humans are not off the menu. When your pet cat or dog brings fleas into the home, you might be the next meal. Getting rid of fleas can be a tough process and if done incorrectly, money can be wasted on products that weren’t effective. Get the help a professional and call Etheridge Pest Services to handle any flea problems.

Tips for preventing Fleas

If you have pets, make sure they are receiving treatments to prevent fleas. Pets are the number one way fleas enter a home. Flea-prevention medicine tends to be relatively cheap and easy to obtain for pet owners. Additionally, this same medicine is used to prevent ticks.

If your pet is infested with fleas, make sure to take the time to run through their fur with a flea comb. If any pet has fleas, make sure all pets are checked for fleas.

Clean your home thoroughly. Wash all linens, blankets, pet beds, laundry, quilts, etc with warm water and dry with heat after.

Make sure there is no clutter for fleas to hide under. Check for cracks and crevices where they may escape to.

Wearing insect repellant is great if you’re outdoors, but if you have an infestation inside your home, you may need to wear it inside as well to prevent fleas from hopping to you.

When fleas have put up a fight and you need professional help, call Etheridge Pest Services and we’ll make your home safe for pets, not for pests.

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